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Factors To Consider In Digital Marketing & Advertising



By: Blessed Shingai Makwara

The following are the factors that a media planner should consider before selecting a media platform for advertising and promotion.


1. Reach

The reach of an ad is the most crucial factor that influences the decision of a media planner. The reach of media can be defined as the number of individuals who see an advertisement or post through different media platforms. Traditional media platforms like television and newspaper have greater reachability as compared to media platforms like radio.

However, in the era of the internet, the social media platform has maximum reachability. If a company is planning to target youngsters, then the social media platform is the best platform to reach them. Therefore, it is essential to consider the reachability of the media platform before you invest your money in it.

2. Cost per thousand

In advertising, the cost of advertising is divided per thousand people. How much does the company need to pay to a newspaper to reach one thousand people? The total cost of advertising is calculated by multiplying the cost per thousand by the total number of people. For example, if a newspaper has 100,000 subscribers and it takes $100 for an advertisement to reach 1000 subscribers, then the advertising company is required to pay $10,000 to the newspaper to get its ad printed in the newspaper.

As a media planner, you would like to choose a media platform with lower cost and high reachability.


3. Frequency of advertisement

The frequency of advertising can be defined as the total number of times an ad would be shown to an individual. It is considered that an ad is required to show at least three or four times to make an individual familiar with the brand.

Therefore, the higher the frequency of advertisement better will be the outcome. However, the cost is also an essential factor that affects the frequency of advertisement. You are required to pay more if you want your ad to be shown frequently

4. Impact

The impact of the media platform means how likely the chosen media can persuade your audience to take action. Different media have different effects on the audience. For example, an advertisement for perfume in a fashion magazine is more impactful than in a local newspaper.

5. Selectivity

This factor focuses on the number of logical audiences in the advertisement of your product.

The high reachability of your media platform will be ineffective if the percentage of the valid audience who can afford to purchase your product is low.


For example, a full front-page advertisement of Porsche car in a local newspaper will not get you enough return on investment because the percentage of the audience who could afford your car will be meager.

These factors will determine on which type of advertising media,it all depends some organizations may prefer to use traditional media other than digital media which can be use of television and radio,bill boards all on the form of advertising a product.

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Facebook Pages To Follow For Inspirational Messages In 2021



In this digital era, information sharing is now being done everyone. Information is being shared on almost any subject n be it politics, business, science among many other topics.  This includes information on motivation. Almost everyone is now a motivational speaker. Some of these people provide vague information. In times like this, if you are looking for uplifting and inspiring information, it is better to get that information from people who have experienced life, someone who has passed the test of times.  A great man once said that even someone who is still starting out in life is writing about how to make it in life. You just wonder what he or she will be talking about considering that they are still trying to make it. Therefore it’s not everything you get from social media that is credible.

As a writer, I am always studying and learning through research, I have had to follow some pages from Zimbabwe. These pages have always been consistent in publishing update to date information on entrepreneurship, business and motivation.  If you an entrepreneur or someone who is looking for some uplifting content, you need to check out these pages




It is the blog page for a research firm based in Harare, STARTUPBIZ. They are passionate about entrepreneurship. The information published on the website has helped many in making business decisions especially for startups that are growing their businesses. They post links to their written articles on business ideas, business tips, business news, personal finance, entrepreneur interviews, and profiles. In addition to that they have also a Whats App platform where they share the same content on daily content. I for one, I started following them in 2017 and ever since, I have never regretted following them. Their works on business and entrepreneurship have stood the test of time and also the information relevant to what’s happening around us


This is online magazine with some hard copies of its publication around. They are a startup media firm that publishes diversified content on business such as leadership, business opportunities, business models, statutory requirements, supply chain manages as well as investment and finance. Their special focus is on SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs. they have published 2 editions so far but they are promising to be a go-to source on the content they are publishing, surely they are the first of their kind on the Zimbabwean media landscape. Daily, they share links to their site on articles that help you make a better decision in your start-up business. If you are an entrepreneur and you have not yet followed them on Facebook, do so now and thank me later.



It is an online magazine owned and published by a young man named Tinashe Bonde who is the founder of Africa Pride Motivation. I started following this magazine last year around June.  There is one thing I have noted about them as a writer who is trying to make it; they have inspired to become a better writer by what they share and post on their Facebook page. They post motivation quotes and links to their website. Whatever you are looking for be it motivation, business tips, testimonies on the ones who have made it already, you will find the content. If you are addicted to success and you haven’t followed and liked their Facebook page, you are missing out a lot.


George billionaire munengwa

He is an award winning Zimbabwean businessman with a strong marketing background. Before founding ProAir, George Munengwa started off as a marketer at another air conditioning services provider in Zimbabwe from 2009 to 2012, he then established  ProAir in June 2012 with the goal to “Make the weather behave 365 days of the year indoors” at the same time bringing heating & cooling air conditioning solutions to the citizens of Zimbabwe at an affordable price. Munengwa also seats on Spidex Media board and is the organizing secretary for 2Brigade Mash East chapter E11

Today ProAir has become one of the most sought after air conditioning companies in the country and has won several awards including:

  • Zimbabwe Leadership Awards: Zimbabwe Top Leadership Excellence Air Conditioning Company of the Year 2015
  • Zimbabwe Business Awards: Top Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company of the Year 2015
  • Megafest Business Awards: Most Consistent Organisation of the Year 2017 Winner

On his Facebook page, he regularly posts motivational quotes, insights on business, marketing and habits that should be developed by an entrepreneur. If you an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a must follow Facebook page. You will learn a lot from the tried and tested practitioners in the business world.


Entrepreneurszw is a group of female consultants who work together for the empowerment of women and girls ages 8-40. They offer training, funding, and networking opportunities in addition to promoting a savings and investment culture in women and girls.


The Key areas they focus on are

  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Investments
  • Associate
  • Personal Development

In addition they have a magazine that encourages women to venture into entrepreneurship. They discovered that entrepreneurship has been dominated by men, fewer women are into entrepreneurship. This has been attributed to lack of information. Hence on their Facebook page they post inspiring and uplifting messages encouraging women to start businesses. They also celebrate women who are already into entrepreneurship. This is a must follow Facebook page especially for young women. However there is no harm if men follow the page too; there is a lot to learn.


Dr Faith Nyamukapa is a dedicated Christian, young multi- award-winning female entrepreneur, a goal-oriented businesswoman who runs KinderCare Zimbabwe and Transplex Investments, and a Philanthropist. She is also a qualified accountant by profession. Her passion is to work with children, developing strategies for Organisations, and empowering women who run preschool businesses in Zimbabwe.

Executive Appointments

Trustee for Econet Wireless Group Pension Fund Board-Employee representative from February (2012- July 2015)

Trustee for Education Support Systems Trust (ESST) Zimbabwe – March 2016 to date

It is a Trust that helps to advance education in Zimbabwe and information documentation of all communities in Zimbabwe for use by NGOs.


1. 2nd Runner Up Women in Accounting & Investment Sector 2016 – Megafest Business Awards

Megafest is a passionate advocate of women in business, celebrating their achievements, now in its 8th year, the Women’s Awards are about more than simply recognising and rewarding the courage, leadership and creativity of Zimbabwe’s most brilliant business women-they play a critical role in raising the profile of women in business.

2. Executive Director of the Year Award- Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation – Award ceremony in November 2016

3. Organisation of the Year Award- KinderCare Zimbabwe Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation (Early Childhood Development Category). Award ceremony in November 2016

4. Brand of the Year Award – KinderCare Zimbabwe. Women’s Heritage Society World Organisation. Award ceremony in November 2016

5. Top Female Academic Philanthropist of the Year Award- Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe. November 2016.

6. Early Childhood Development Philanthropist of the Year Award – Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe. Award ceremony in November 2016

7. Pan African Humanitarian Award on Enterprise and Community Development 2016 –Anantara The Palm, Dubai

Honorary Non-Academic awards- 2016

1. Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters Degree from the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) 13 July 2016

2. Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership, DBL –International Women’s University-Mauritius ( 2016)

3. Honorary Master’s Degree in Business Leadership ,MBL- International Women’s University-Mauritius ( 2016)

You can tell from the above that she is a go to person for inspiration. Indeed she is a role model to many. Why not follow her on her Facebook page where she shares her experiences in the corporate world. She regularly posts update content on what’s happening around in the business and corporate world. One of the great scientists, Sir Isaac Newton once said, “In order to see to further, I stand on the shoulders of the giants’’. What he meant is that you need someone who has been there to show you the direction to be there too. I personally believe she is one of the giants in the business world.  There is a lot to learn if you follow her especially if you are looking forward to being in the business world.

By Rodreck Matsveru (Sir Rody)

Tutor/ Exam Coach / Writer / Columnist


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Ever Heard of KnanApparel Brand?




KnanApparel is a clothing brand founded by Nixon Canaan. Nixon is a lover of life and fashion enthusiast from Mutare with a dream to change the underwear world by a single clothing piece at a time. It has always been a norm that accountants are ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ with no fashion sense, and to inspire every young accountant out there that, there is more life than numbers and figures. That is why the clothing brand started.


As the clothing and fashion industry is diverse, KnanApparel saw the need to engage in a different direction, defying odds, and found the urge to produce a rare product in Zimbabwe and try to be as versatile and unique at the same time.

As a person who always wanted to do things differently from everyone, and given the influx of many different clothing brands in the country of late, there was a need for a fresh idea that will change the fashion industry for good. Underwear was the best way to express the peculiar mind of a young Zimbabwean. 

Vision 2021


In early 2021 there are arrangements to release a female range of underwear and swimwear. This will see the brand growing to cater all in and around Zimbabwe not neglecting beyond borders.


In early 2020, after thorough research, an opportunity presented itself.   There is not a single locally manufactured underwear brand in the country of late and I had to resolute to grab the opportunity and grace the market with fresh local produce that would inspire everyone to be unique in their way.

We are locally producing high-quality underwear for men and we have a step forward by packaging the underwear in unique boxes with the will to differentiate the product from any other found locally. This is done with a mind to capture the market effortlessly.

The product is made in different sizes starting with Medium to 3XL. Plans to produce sizes for kids are in process, but as for the first batch, it will be of the ones mentioned above.  These products will be packaged in a box of 2s and 4s depending on the preference of one. Different colors are available that entails blue, maroon, black, and grey. A box of two will be going for the US $12.00 and a box of 4 will be at $22.00. These products are of high quality which leaves room to breathe and still be comfortable. We guarantee everyone that once one gets a box they would want an extra one.


I leave you with the following statement: “Dare to Look Different and you will enjoy being different in unique underwear. “

Social pages: Facebook: @knanclothing; Twitter: @knanApparel; Instagram: @knanApparel

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How To Make Money With Instagram in 2021



Making money on instagram

Did you know Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of Instagram’s highest-paid celebrities? According to social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, the actor can charge advertisers approximately US$1 million for each sponsored post. Of course, he is a celebrity with over 189 million followers, and maybe you looking at your few thousand followers and wondering if you can have your slice of cake. You don’t have to really be worried about the number of followers on your Instagram as success is mainly more attributed to engagement, having a community, your influence, type of audience, etc.

You need to amass an audience around what you do and take advantage of your influence and reach to make money on Instagram. So we going to be talking on how best you can take advantage of your Instagram and earn a few bucks and will try as much as possible to contextualize the ways considering the Zimbabwean and regional audiences and markets.


Here are some local influencers you can always take a look at and find some inspiration from Comic Pastor, Nigel The Slick Pastor, Ray Vines, etc. and many others even from those who follow you or the ones you follow.

The trick is to show your personality rather than just your pictures this way you become authentic and remember authenticity is key on social media. Your success will also depend on your industry e.g. Fashion, Beauty, etc.

Sell Products & Services

You can use Instagram to sell your products e.g. clothes, makeup, food, etc. and you can also sell your services like consulting photography, and many others. You also use your influence, reach, and engagement to advertise and market your products. I have seen some guys even those with few followers succeeding in this method, so this might be your starting point if you want to make money on Instagram. So what are you waiting for, niche down, grow your brand, post relevantly, engage always, advertise and make a sell, Wow!


Sponsored Posts

Do you have the voice, your audience can listen to? Have you amassed the power or influence that your followers can listen to? Do they see you as an expert or trend-setter. Maybe you just have the numbers and engagement, then you might consider sponsored posts as your source of revenue. According to Wikipedia, a sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

So on Instagram, a brand might pay you to post something about what they are selling, initiatives, campaigns, etc. Basically it’s all hinged on your reach and engagement type of audience, for example, if you have a vibrant and engaged diaspora community, money remittance companies might want to work with you to push their brand and business to your community, so you might not have many followers but your community might be the most relevant to the advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn your cut for every sale that comes through you, isn’t it so nice?  You need to join affiliate programs so that you can add affiliate links to your Instagram and make a commission on the sales you generate. There are many affiliate programs that you can join like Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale, Shopify Affiliate, Clickbank, Awin, etc. but this is mainly dependent on your industry, audience, market and etc. You can always include your affiliate link in your bio and direct some posts to your affiliate link.

IGTV Channel

This seems to be the in-thing and one content creators can always take advantage of because Instagram rewards user accounts that are actively engaged with its tools, and right now, that’s IGTV and Instagram Live (which can be recorded and uploaded to IGTV). So you can have your tutorials, videos, etc. then linking them out to your shop, affiliate products, website, etc.

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