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Now that the 2019 Zimsec Grade 7 results are out, I know that most parents and guardians are having sleepless nights, moving move one place to another in search of a place for their child, and it seems that all the parents are competing for the same places and because that almost all their children have high grades, this has caused a lot of problems on the selection process and this has fueled corruption of late, and the question is if it is worthy the hustle. You can do an online application if you seeking to enroll for a boarding school here.

I understand that there are many schools that have been dominating, and it seems everyone would like to have their kid at the same school, just because they have seen so and so, who have successfully made it in life because they want their child to do the same, but what we fail to realise is that times are changing and you can’t keep on clinging to that thought that such a school was the best because of a headmaster who has long retired, or a matron or boarding master who has ceased to be that vicious and strict character maybe because he has been fed up of the kids behaviour. I want you to to go through this post and help you realise that times are changing, and we are in the 21st century.


“It seems to be the sole topic of conversation lately – how good/bad the local comp is, how extra tuition will be needed for the local grammar etc etc. The kids are five to six years old.” sandyballs The big question is: do you choose a school or does a school choose you, or, more precisely, your child? And the answer is: it’s a bit of both because, while it’s up to you – and your child – to decide which schools are worth applying for, it’s then up to the school to say yes or no to your application.

How do you decide between different schools?Related links

It’s a decision that seriously stresses some of the most sanguine parents, so how do you go about deciding which secondary school is best for your child? This question baffles a lot of people, but the trick lies in knowing, the present trends in education, according to me I would look for a school that offers the following:

1)General Guidance & Spirituality

I understand that this age is very volatile, and that our children learn more from their peers, teachers, and friends i would like to send my child to a school that gives my child all the spiritual support in times of need, where they are boarders, or day scholars.


I need a school, where they can grow their spirituality, whilst they learn, because God is the Greatest and should be above all other things. The headmaster, teaching staff and non-teaching staff should be very supportive.They should give my child the counseling they need when I am not there and could just act like a “parent”

2)Technology and Innovation

As i said, times are changing and gone are the days, when you expect your child to be carrying piles of books from the library and always with a backpack full of notes, but you would need a school that support technological advancements, incorporating e-learning because it is becoming the order of the day. You can’t claim and boost around to be sending your child to school in this 21st century to a school that shuns an technology still promoting outdated paper based learning. I am not saying we should totally migrate to e-learning but the school needs to appreciate technology. Also the school should show a certain level of appreciation of innovation, where its even shown through how they have changed their ways of dealing with parents,pupils, staff, society,corporate world eg having a website, online portal for access of results etc. It needs to show that it is a progressive school.

3) Personal Development

I need a school that builds my child in a variety of aspects of life from social life, because at the end of the day, that child will need to go out into the society, and should be able to interact well, with others and contribute positively to the society. The school should help my child develop in all the areas of life that includes Leadership, Time management, Self Discipline, Goal Setting because at the end of the day, i need a wholesome kid back home, who is not only academically talented.The school school have clubs, functions etc where they can promote the above said Personal Development areas.

4) Unhu/Ubuntu

I have been to schools that were said to be churning out the best students, but there only had problems with their Unhu, they did not have respect, they did not know their boundaries, respect for others and to be honest, how can you survive in our society without Unhu and i think a school that promotes these is the best for my kid.


You might be wondering why I placed this at the end of the list, but i would like to believe that with the coming in of internet there has been so much information being uploaded on the web, and over thousands of journal and books are being published every year, and to say that you are paying school fees for education, you might be cheating yourself because these days information is now readily available and almost free. Also most school are drilling your kids to pass the exams but I guess after reading this article you may have to rethink about it and see, if it is worthy sending your child to that school.  Almost all schools are teaching these days but it is those values that i highlighted above that makes them different.


Where the children go when they leave school – how many do further education? What sports/music facilities do they offer? Even if your child isn’t interested, it tells you if they are just an exam factory. Do they offer many clubs? Usually a sign teachers are prepared to put in an effort.  Is your child particularly interested in or good at one area of the curriculum – science, languages, music etc? If so, you probably want to make sure the school has good facilities and enthusiastic teachers in that area.  Do the kids look happy? Staff? Are the displays slightly rough round the edges but relatively recent? Do at least a few pupils gain 10 A/A* grades? What does your instinct say from the open evening? Do you like the building?

I thought deeply about the whole business, wrote down loads of questions, but felt in the end that just soaking up the atmosphere on the open day and trying to imagine my son in the position of the pupils showing us round was really what mattered.  All the Best as you look for the best School for Your Kid

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It All Comes With Time.




Inspired Motivation
By Kelvin Muzira (the curve)

Everything has its own season and time in life. For those in chains, the time will come when you will be set free. In poverty, your breakthrough time is coming. If you are sick know that one day you will be healed. If heartbroken and stressed soon the time will come when your peace of mind will be redeemed and you shall be happy again.


Whatever I said above is absolutely true however, I feel like adding an important word in my very first statement. Everything has its own place, season, and time. There is a place for everything and for that reason we can not be stationary. One must be adventurous in all sectors of life as he/she waits for season and time. The sick move place to place from hospitals to prophets and even to sangomas hoping that one day they will reach the right place at the right time. The same must be with those in search of a luxurious life. Your life will not change if you stay and wait for change. You have to look for a change in many places no matter how many times up to until you reach the right place at the right season in time.

We read that David killed Goliath and he became the people’s favourite overnight and that is absolutely true. However, you have to understand that David came from somewhere to reach the place of slaughter. It is written that David fought and killed beasts to save the sheep in his shepherding experience. This makes me understand that at first, he had no choice but to fight the beasts in the jungle and there was no way he was going to leave the sheep defenseless. This groomed him and nurtured him to upgrade from saving the sheep to saving the nation of Israel at the right place and time set by God. If you want to be a celebrity overnight then there is a need to be adventurous, do not stop to hustle, hope and keep dreaming because the right time will reach you when you arrive a certain place.

At first, I thought that Usain Bolt ran at only 3 Olympics tournaments which he won 9 gold medals. I was surprised to know that Bolt struggled at the 2004 Olympics tournament in Greece where he finished 4th. However, he never gave up hope and his time came in 2008 in Beijing where he scooped 3gold medals at once. A blank in Greece natured him and groomed him for the right season in time. Do not stop your hustles even after a big loss, keep on because the right time is waiting for you to go somewhere where your breakthrough awaits.


Yes you are powerless only for now.
Yes you are crying but its only for now.
Yes you are poor but its only for now.
Yes you have failed but you wont fail next time.



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The Magic of A Pen



You feel heavy in your heart; you wonder if it’s worth jotting down. “This is for talented people”, what if it’s a chance for you to discover yours? I believe life is a mystery to be discovered and learnt. Learn to appreciate your mind by allowing that pen to scribble your motivations or feelings. I have learnt to discover writing makes me to be serene with myself, it’s a form of healing.

You can ask yourself, should I use complex language? Should I use a certain structure? All these are not of major importance; we all have a unique way to our literary work. If you cannot appreciate your work as the first customer to it, who will? Never doubt that you can do it, it only needs you to believe in yourself and never be ashamed to ask for help. If I say a lot it would be more of iteration, just believe in the magic of the pen you hold.


Compiled by
Trevor Virima S.C

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Tips For Studying For An Examination



Studying for an exam

By Munyaradzi Zindi Chikomba

What you need to do:


How to do it:

1. Information Gathering

Gather all the information sources be it books both e-books and hard copies, syllabuses, past examination papers, articles, audios, and videos.

This will help you to understand the task at hand.


 2. Syllabus Knowledge

Knowledge of the syllabus is also of paramount importance because it gives a clear picture of what is going to be asked. A syllabus is a handbook that will guide you so for every subject you will write look for the syllabus.

3. Knowing the structure and nature of the examination

– Knowing what is most likely to be asked in the examination is already halfway to passing the actual examination.

– Theory question require one to major on definitions.

-Solving cases require case studies.

-Numbers require knowledge of formulas.

-Essay questions require analytical skills to separate black and white.

-Detailed questions do not require summary studying they require in depth knowledge.

4. Studying efficiently

-Study the most important topics thoroughly which comes with the biggest number of marks because it is a game of numbers.

-The minor topics are very important also because they complement however the most important topics should be known thoroughly.

-If you are not understanding or getting a hard time to understand a topic or chapter skip it and go to the next topic so that at least you don’t waste time on one topic neglecting the others.

-When you finish study get back and restudy those that were giving you a hard time.

 5. A planner

-A planner is a detailed formulation of a program of action.

-The easiest way to formulate a good planner is to go on the syllabus or text book contents page and analyze your topics.

 -The analysis will be on what you know in detail, what you have an idea of and what you don’t have more information on.

-This will be a guideline for you to what to major on and what to just peruse. There is no point for vigorously reading what you already know because it is a waste of time.

– Most of the time should be focused on the things you don’t have knowledge about.

– Try by all means to prevent a situation where you have to read or do intense study in the last 72 hours before the actual exam.

– The last 72 hours should be channeled for instance revision, it may be too late to grasp new concepts, try as much as possible to do intense studies when you still have time.

 6. Time of study

 -Study time is very important in preparation for an examination.

 You can study in the morning, afternoon and in the evening .

Early Morning(2-7am)– Researchers say that the morning is the most effective time for intense study because the brain will be fresh and most healthy. Before you engage in anything your brain will be fresh and no disturbances are likely to affect you.

 Late Morning & Afternoon(9am-5pm)– The late morning and the afternoon are best for practicing and writing examination questions because you will definitely write the exams in the afternoon and late morning. So practice makes perfect the more you practice the more you get used.

Evening(7pm-12pm)– Evenings are best for revisions and winding up what you would have studied. The brain will have be exhausted with the daily routines so intense studying may be a bit difficult.

7. The environment effect

-The type of environment you choose to do your study is of paramount importance.

-Unfortunately many of us do not afford to have libraries in their homes so we have to compromise but try as much as possible to study in a quite convenient place.

-Less noise helps in concentration, try to shun away from media and radio when doing serious study because the brain is designed in such a way that in can fully function when it is doing one task at a time.

-That is why most prefer late evenings and early mornings so that they create a quite environment which is convenient for studying.


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