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In 1954, a new Viharn building was built at the temple to house the statue. It was moved to its new location on 25 May In the twentieth century in Bangkok Thailand, the government wanted to build a large highway that passed through a village. The highway would cut through a Buddhist monastery, so they decided to move the statue to make way for the high way. The statue is 3 meters (9.8 ft) tall and weighs 5.5 tones

 They relocated the monastery together with the heavy clay statue of Buddha. Using the crane they started to move the statue and as they lowered it into its new position, the statue of Buddha started to fall apart. The people were afraid because this was their precious religious symbol to them and the more they tried to fix the statue fell apart. Work was immediately stopped so that an evaluation could be made.


Suddenly the workers stood in amazement as something unexpected happened. The statue was made of gold, underneath. Everyone was perplexed because it was covered by clayey the really made out of golf. Over a day the statue which was worth thousands of dollars is now worth millions.

I got to ask myself a question, why put on a mask Mallvine YET you are meant to shine and to be valuable like Gold?

What is a mask? It is this thing that people like you and me wear to cover up, hide something or hide who we really are. A mask can be a fake smile, clothes so that we fit in. we put on different masks based on different situation we face on our day to day basic.


Why do people wear masks? We put on a fake and a plastic smile so that people do not see what we really feel dip with in our heart, all the pain hurt and anger. You feel guilty and inadequate and worry that someday all those plates you’re spinning will come crashing down on you. You’re an amazing “somebody” who often feels like an invisible and overwhelmed “nobody.” Feeling lost and alone, living in silent despair.

Think of it pretending to be someone else and pretending to cope comes at a cost which is your happiness, your healthy, your resources and time. All this and many more all just pilling on your bill that you will not be able to pay up in your entire life time.

Here are a few tips on how you can slowly remove the mask you are putting on

1. Be honest.

Pretend and, at some point, the problem and the pain will grow ten-fold. If you’re not coping, admit to yourself that you’re not. This shows great strength.

2)  Ask for help.

This is not a sign of weakness. Are others weak for coming to you for help? Why should you be different? Do not struggle in silence, tell those who care about you that, you are struggling these can be your friends, family or find a Coach.

3) Talk openly.

When you‘ve asked for help, share your feelings with someone you know and love who will listen without judgment or advice, these can be your mentor’s or coaches . Talking about how you feel and having someone listen can feel self-indulgent at first, but it’s a huge part of the healing process.

4) Learn to say no.

Maybe saying yes to everything and everyone makes you feel superhuman. But superheroes are works of fiction, and you don’t possess special powers. When you say no to other things you are putting value to yourself and respecting your value system

5. Rejoice and reward yourself for your achievements.

If you berate yourself for what you get wrong, then surely you have to take responsibility and take credit when you do something well.

6. Accept that perfection is impossible.

In a world of self-help and personal development, we’re bombarded with advice about always being positive and successful, and striving to be the best. Strive to be the best that you can be, and be a realist. Just like me, you’re imperfect, you’re weak sometimes, you make mistakes, and you’re a work in progress.

Strive to be happy. Accept your weaknesses and you’ll be stronger for it.

7. Make time for you.

You fulfill many roles: parent, partner, businessperson, child, sibling, friend. Don’t lose sight of your needs and being you. Give yourself permission to take time out for you and put you back on your to-do list. You will be more effective and happier in your other roles.

8. Start putting yourself first.

It’s not selfish. You’re important and you deserve better. So once you’re back on that list, work on moving yourself further up. To look after others, you first have to look after yourself. The in-flight emergency procedure tells you to put on your own oxygen mask first before you help others with theirs.

9. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Just as others have no idea what’s going on in your life, you have no idea what’s really going on in theirs, so it serves no positive purpose to compare yourself and worry about what others are doing. You’re unique. You can only be you. Chances are they’re probably comparing themselves to you!

Because we have somewhat natural levels of each individual personality trait, pushing any one trait outside of its limits is uncomfortable.

We are creating tension by pushing ourselves to think in ways we don’t usually think, to act in ways we don’t usually act, and to do things we don’t usually do.

This may all be fine, as long as you stay active and too busy to slow down… but as soon as you do, your world can come crashing down on top of you.

Let’s bring it home, think of the statue as your own life. Some of us we are living under a mask, a clay vessel yet we are made of gold. Stop pretending, stop living a life that is not yours and we pretend for many reasons.  Pretending like we got it all together yet we do not have it at all, pretending to be loved yet we are not, pretending to be someone you are not. Its more costly to live a life of pretense than just to live your life.

Just like the gold that was hidden under the statue, the gold inside you is waiting to be unleashed. Every human being is responsible for the gold that is in them to be revealed or not. Other people can help you see and realize but you have to walk the talk of removing the mask.

Remove that mask and live the life that God has designed you to live, a life of pure gold, a life of value

Stop Pretending and live your life of shinning like Gold.  Remove the mask you have been living under and start enjoying your life, remember to always be the best version of your self

Ponder Points – for how long are you going to live in Pretense?

                           It is more expensive to live under pretense than to just live as you are.

                           If you stop pretending wouldn’t your life be better?

I f it is up to you then DO IT!!!

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14 Ways To Earn Passive Income In 2021



passive income

By: Claire Makoni

Earn Songwriting Royalties

If you love to write music, you can create passive income by recording your songs and then publishing them through a variety of channels. You earn royalties anytime your music is played on streaming services like Apple Music, or Spotify, or played on the radio. You can even license your music for TV, movies, and videos without the backing of a major record label.


Purchase Music Royalties

Perhaps your talent isn’t to write music. That’s ok, you can still get into the music royalty game by purchasing the rights to song catalogues owned by other artists. Royalty Exchange is an online auction that allows you to bid on existing music catalogues. These are songs that are already earning regular, passive income for their current owners. When you purchase music royalties, you’re buying the future cash flow, which is purely passive income.

Photo Licensing

Photographers can build passive income by selling stock photos online. You’ll need to produce lots of content to earn a decent amount of money, but it can be a nice supplement to other, more labor-intensive work, like wedding or family photography. One benefit to stock photo licensing is that you can sell the same pictures to many different buyers. There is no shortage of stock photo websites where you can sell your work. Dreamstime and Snapwire are just two of the more popular stock photo sites out there.

Record an Audiobook

One of the best ways for content creators to increase their income is by releasing their content in as many formats as possible. For example, if you’ve written a paperback book or even an ebook, you’ll want to consider recording an audiobook version. There is no shortage of people who prefer listening to books instead of reading them. You can record the audio yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you. Once your audiobook is ready to go, it can be available for purchase online for years, making it the ideal passive income source.


Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names is a bit like trading on the stock market. The goal is to buy low and sell high, but there can be some risk involved. There are people who earn good money buying domain names that they believe will increase in value over time, with the hopes of selling at a profit.

Start a Blog

Over time, it’s possible to create multiple passive income streams with a blog, through affiliate marketing, or display advertising, for example. But building a blog from scratch is anything but passive. You’ll need to be consistent in creating new content, and spend time promoting your blog. One of the best things about blogging is the low barrier of entry. If you have a computer and a wifi connection, you can get started for as little as a few dollars per month.

Start a Podcast

It seems everyone has a podcast these days, and while many people do it out of pure enjoyment, there’s a lot of money that can be made. As you build a reliable following, you can begin selling advertising via sponsorships to brands that wish to get in front of your audience. Make no mistake, there’s a lot of work involved in finding guests and conducting interviews, but the opportunity to build a passive income stream is there.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you can consistently create videos that people want to watch, you can build an audience on Youtube. This is important because, with an audience, you can begin to make money, by joining the YouTube Partner Program. Most of your earnings will come from ads, which are aired within your video content, however, there are more ways to make money. YouTube can also drive traffic to your website and social media channels, making passive income opportunities endless.

Sell Digital Products/Downloadables

Thousands of people earn passive income by creating digital products that people can download and use. From spreadsheets to productivity tools, calendars, and checklists, the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve created your winning product, you can make it available for download on your own website, or through a third-party platform.

Develop an Online Course

If you have expertise in a specific area, rest assured there’s someone out there willing to pay you for your knowledge. You can create an ebook on the topic, or develop an online course, and then sell it on your own website, or on an online learning marketplace like Udemy. No skill is too small to share with others. You could sell a course on creating a killer resume, starting a podcast, or how to travel hack a trip to Europe. With online courses, most of the hard work happens early on, when you’re creating the content. From there, with an effective marketing strategy, you’ll have yourself a nice, passive income stream.

Run Website Display Ads

If you have your own website, you can sign up to have ads displayed within the content on your site. The most well-known ad service is Google Adsense. Adsense displays ads that are relevant to your site content and that match your visitor’s preferences. When guests engage with an ad, you make money. Also, the higher your site traffic, the higher your income.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have your own blog or website, one of the best ways to make passive income is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service, and earning a commission whenever a sale is generated directly from your recommendation. The most well-known affiliate program may be the one run by online retail giant Amazon, but there are thousands of other companies with programs of their own. Affiliate income takes time to build, but if you’re successful, it can be one of the best ways to make passive income.


Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce where the seller doesn’t hold the product, instead, it’s shipped to the customer directly from the supplier. The seller’s job is to find products to buy at a wholesale price, and then sell them at the retail price, by advertising them through an e-commerce store, like Shopify. When orders are placed, they go directly to the supplier who ships the product to the customer. The seller profits from the spread between the retail and wholesale price. Dropshipping has become very competitive, but if you can find a product that people want, and sell it at a profit, there’s lots of passive income to be made.

Learn to Outsource

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you have a tendency to want to control all aspects of your business. After all, no one else understands it as you do, nor is anyone else as invested as you are. But the problem with doing everything yourself is that the money you make becomes anything but passive.

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Dr. Vere’s Coat of Many Colours



By Gilbert Sikanyika

Doctor Kudzanai Vere belongs to the group of African young Turks determined to conquer the world and leave permanent foot-steps on the sands of life.


I have known Dr. Vere through social interactions over the years and I have come to know him as a pragmatic, hard-working, and purpose-driven person. He sets high goals and when he attains those goals, he sets even higher goals. He places a high premium on his aspirations. He challenges himself to challenge challenges in his life. He does not take “no” for an answer…He knocks, knocks, and keeps knocking until doors of opportunities fling open before him. He is tenacious and aggressive in his daily operations. He does not wait for opportunities; instead, he creates opportunities for himself. He is a workaholic if ever there was one.

He was compelled to stop school in form 4 due to family financial constraints but that could not deter him from pursuing his dreams. He started working as a Receiving and Costing Clerk at Redstar in Nyanga in Zimbabwe and he rose through the ranks to become Branch Manager within a spell of three years. He was arguably the youngest Branch Manager heading a Blue Chips Company when he was only 22 years old.

Doctor Vere has “A coat of many colours.” He is an entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker of international repute. He enjoys developing people in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Practical Business Management, Organizational Development, Financial Literacy, and Leadership Development.


Just what makes him tick

He gets inspiration from motivating himself and others. His life gets better when he impacts lives in Business related issues. He was born in a family of 10 in a remote area of Zimbabwe in Nyanga. He went to Maereka primary school, Nyatate school, and Mapako High School. He has also attended: Zimbabwe Open University, British College Of Professional Management, Coppetstone University among others. He has:

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma In Accounting In Business Management
  • Bcom Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountancy
    -Master of Arts in Leadeship and Management
    -Registered Public Accounting
    -Certified Forensic
    -Doctorate in Phylosophy in Entrepreneurship among others.

Dr. Vere is also a notable and versatile writer whose books such as Becoming A Person Of Impact and Exceed Beyond The Ordinary have blessed multitudes of people. It seems he is a “Jack of all trades and master of everything.”

His books have impacted the hordes of people from all walks of life because of the nuggets of life they carry. His presence is being felt almost everywhere and so far so good. Although he never completed formal education, he is a self-made man who has managed to school himself and has acquired a string of diplomas and degrees and was recently conferred with a Doctorial degree in recognition of his teachings and passion for entrepreneurship.

“The whole of my adult life I have been learning business at times passively and at other times actively. I have vast years of business management, ” he said. His ultimate goal in life is to become an oasis of inspiration in Business circles. He is married to a lovely lady Fortune who is the Managing Director of the family business empire. Doctor Vere is also blessed with a wife and five children.

Gilbert Sikanyika is a Writing Prophet based in Zambia

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Developers/ Programmers (Graduate Trainees) Wanted X 3 : YPPZ



Young People’s Program Zimbabwe Youth Association (YPPZ) is recruiting graduate trainees from the following disciplines:

  • Information Technology & Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Sciences

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