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Life After College (Under Covid-19 and Lockdown)



By: The Talented Writer

The normal procedure after finishing a university degree is to quickly find a job or pursue education (professional advancement). Sadly for me and my colleagues, it has been a different story tale. Upon finishing the last examination, we had little time to create the final memories and precede straight home. Of course, we discussed different life endeavors but few of those were attainable under the current circumstance. I thought it was to share my experiences so that you could learn one or two from my story.


Some of their ideas were inspiring indeed while others were less tempting to approach.

From a personal point of view, I had to strategize on how I can make money without bypassing the lockdown restriction and at the same time, staying safe from COVID-19. On the first day I arrived home, I realized that I needed the internet and that I should find out how I could make money online. Already on social media, people were discussing how they have been managing their situations and making money straight from home. Some of their ideas were inspiring indeed while others were less tempting to approach. Before I share my story, I would like to first highlight the major key concerns I noticed about making money online.

It’s not every strategy that you come across on social media will add income to your pocket or wallet. Some are scams or Ponzi schemes and these are the guys with popular or trending strategies. They are so good with facts and “sweet talk” because their intention is not really to help you make money but to folk the last cent that you have been holding onto. That’s their job and intended goal, milking your hard-earned income or savings within a flip of the finger. But how are you able to identify them?

They are smart guys as well so sometimes you can be convinced that they are genuine. But before conducting any transactions with anyone online, it`s always good to do some necessary security checks to minimise the risk of losing everything. Some of these people do really seem genuine but they will have something fishy behind the scene (like I said, some of these guys are smart people). Before trusting anyone with your money, I will share the precaution steps that I use in my experiences.

First and foremost, research about them to know past history, what they have been up to and also do a check in press papers to unearth more clarified details. If they are an organisation, find out about the directors, what they do and were their head office is located. Most organisations do have websites so you can check what they have been up to and other information you might helpful.


In addition to that, research about them from people whom they have previously dealt with. But on this one, you have to be very alert. Like I said previously, these guys are smart people so they can hire people just to inquire from them. But inquiring from people who have dealt with them previously is a basic good thing in that you will have an overview of what to expect.

Thirdly, no one is perfect even though we strive to be. It`s true that everyone wants to understate their shortcomings and overstate their achievements, its human nature to behave that way. However, when someone is trying so hard to convince you about the advantages of something, also take the platform to be educated about the disadvantages related. In this one, a few tips will be shared because the persuaders on a mission to convince you so they try as much as possible to highlight the benefits. When something really seems to be all perfect and smart, just know in your conscience that something bad has been kept in secrecy. Even successful people or businesses didn’t just succeed out of the blue, they also had major shortcomings so what could possibly make these ones special?

Sometimes, you get linked up with these people because of your friends and other people whom you trust.

It’s very unfortunate that most of your colleagues would have already fallen in the death trap. Inviting you is not really because they have made money but its because they want to revive what they have lost by recruiting you. This is the part that I will get criticized for because I’m trying to unearth the mystery of referral links. Before you join, take a few minutes and update them that you have decided to join but with a different link and boom, the wolf that lied in sheep’s clothing will review itself.

Indeed most people are desperate for money. The lockdown restrictions have prevented continuing with their hustles and they are now out of options with what to do. The situation is tough indeed but never underestimates your neighbor’s problems. We all have problems, life shortcomings that we have to deal with on a daily basis. So don’t try to overstate yours because someone out there will use your desperation to his/her advantage. One of my college lecturers always advised that the world out there is vicious, it doesn’t care about who you are, and realizing that it was all true. Yes, you need money but don’t show people that you are the only desperate for it because we all are.

Last but not least, money should have footsteps or trails that show it has moved from point A to point B. The journey to arrive at destination B has its own flaws and wickedness but you got to be very alert to outsmart these. When someone tries to highlight to you that you could be rich instantly, always know in the back of your mind that money should have footsteps. Yes I could be rich instantly but how have I moved from point A to B?
That`s the question that could save you in these desperate times.

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It All Comes With Time.




Inspired Motivation
By Kelvin Muzira (the curve)

Everything has its own season and time in life. For those in chains, the time will come when you will be set free. In poverty, your breakthrough time is coming. If you are sick know that one day you will be healed. If heartbroken and stressed soon the time will come when your peace of mind will be redeemed and you shall be happy again.


Whatever I said above is absolutely true however, I feel like adding an important word in my very first statement. Everything has its own place, season, and time. There is a place for everything and for that reason we can not be stationary. One must be adventurous in all sectors of life as he/she waits for season and time. The sick move place to place from hospitals to prophets and even to sangomas hoping that one day they will reach the right place at the right time. The same must be with those in search of a luxurious life. Your life will not change if you stay and wait for change. You have to look for a change in many places no matter how many times up to until you reach the right place at the right season in time.

We read that David killed Goliath and he became the people’s favourite overnight and that is absolutely true. However, you have to understand that David came from somewhere to reach the place of slaughter. It is written that David fought and killed beasts to save the sheep in his shepherding experience. This makes me understand that at first, he had no choice but to fight the beasts in the jungle and there was no way he was going to leave the sheep defenseless. This groomed him and nurtured him to upgrade from saving the sheep to saving the nation of Israel at the right place and time set by God. If you want to be a celebrity overnight then there is a need to be adventurous, do not stop to hustle, hope and keep dreaming because the right time will reach you when you arrive a certain place.

At first, I thought that Usain Bolt ran at only 3 Olympics tournaments which he won 9 gold medals. I was surprised to know that Bolt struggled at the 2004 Olympics tournament in Greece where he finished 4th. However, he never gave up hope and his time came in 2008 in Beijing where he scooped 3gold medals at once. A blank in Greece natured him and groomed him for the right season in time. Do not stop your hustles even after a big loss, keep on because the right time is waiting for you to go somewhere where your breakthrough awaits.


Yes you are powerless only for now.
Yes you are crying but its only for now.
Yes you are poor but its only for now.
Yes you have failed but you wont fail next time.



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The Magic of A Pen



You feel heavy in your heart; you wonder if it’s worth jotting down. “This is for talented people”, what if it’s a chance for you to discover yours? I believe life is a mystery to be discovered and learnt. Learn to appreciate your mind by allowing that pen to scribble your motivations or feelings. I have learnt to discover writing makes me to be serene with myself, it’s a form of healing.

You can ask yourself, should I use complex language? Should I use a certain structure? All these are not of major importance; we all have a unique way to our literary work. If you cannot appreciate your work as the first customer to it, who will? Never doubt that you can do it, it only needs you to believe in yourself and never be ashamed to ask for help. If I say a lot it would be more of iteration, just believe in the magic of the pen you hold.


Compiled by
Trevor Virima S.C

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Tips For Studying For An Examination



Studying for an exam

By Munyaradzi Zindi Chikomba

What you need to do:


How to do it:

1. Information Gathering

Gather all the information sources be it books both e-books and hard copies, syllabuses, past examination papers, articles, audios, and videos.

This will help you to understand the task at hand.


 2. Syllabus Knowledge

Knowledge of the syllabus is also of paramount importance because it gives a clear picture of what is going to be asked. A syllabus is a handbook that will guide you so for every subject you will write look for the syllabus.

3. Knowing the structure and nature of the examination

– Knowing what is most likely to be asked in the examination is already halfway to passing the actual examination.

– Theory question require one to major on definitions.

-Solving cases require case studies.

-Numbers require knowledge of formulas.

-Essay questions require analytical skills to separate black and white.

-Detailed questions do not require summary studying they require in depth knowledge.

4. Studying efficiently

-Study the most important topics thoroughly which comes with the biggest number of marks because it is a game of numbers.

-The minor topics are very important also because they complement however the most important topics should be known thoroughly.

-If you are not understanding or getting a hard time to understand a topic or chapter skip it and go to the next topic so that at least you don’t waste time on one topic neglecting the others.

-When you finish study get back and restudy those that were giving you a hard time.

 5. A planner

-A planner is a detailed formulation of a program of action.

-The easiest way to formulate a good planner is to go on the syllabus or text book contents page and analyze your topics.

 -The analysis will be on what you know in detail, what you have an idea of and what you don’t have more information on.

-This will be a guideline for you to what to major on and what to just peruse. There is no point for vigorously reading what you already know because it is a waste of time.

– Most of the time should be focused on the things you don’t have knowledge about.

– Try by all means to prevent a situation where you have to read or do intense study in the last 72 hours before the actual exam.

– The last 72 hours should be channeled for instance revision, it may be too late to grasp new concepts, try as much as possible to do intense studies when you still have time.

 6. Time of study

 -Study time is very important in preparation for an examination.

 You can study in the morning, afternoon and in the evening .

Early Morning(2-7am)– Researchers say that the morning is the most effective time for intense study because the brain will be fresh and most healthy. Before you engage in anything your brain will be fresh and no disturbances are likely to affect you.

 Late Morning & Afternoon(9am-5pm)– The late morning and the afternoon are best for practicing and writing examination questions because you will definitely write the exams in the afternoon and late morning. So practice makes perfect the more you practice the more you get used.

Evening(7pm-12pm)– Evenings are best for revisions and winding up what you would have studied. The brain will have be exhausted with the daily routines so intense studying may be a bit difficult.

7. The environment effect

-The type of environment you choose to do your study is of paramount importance.

-Unfortunately many of us do not afford to have libraries in their homes so we have to compromise but try as much as possible to study in a quite convenient place.

-Less noise helps in concentration, try to shun away from media and radio when doing serious study because the brain is designed in such a way that in can fully function when it is doing one task at a time.

-That is why most prefer late evenings and early mornings so that they create a quite environment which is convenient for studying.


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