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Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Publishes Debut Motivational Book



They say when life throws you lemons, you have to make lemonade and Minister Jae has turned his not so good and challenging childhood into a source of inspiration by publishing a book, ‘Motivation For Success: Volume 1’ which is a compilation of motivational articles. Simba Mabika (born March 8, 1994), known professionally as Minister Jae (stylized as Jae), is a Zimbabwean young entrepreneur, an auto electrician by profession and motivational blogger who has authored several blogs and articles on a wide range of topics but mainly related to business, personal development, and relationships.

Jae is also a gospel hip-hop artist who has also shared the stage with great musicians like Pastor G, Jonah Chivasha, Nyasha Mutonhori, Prophecy, and many more since the beginning of his career in 2011. Minister Jae has released over twenty singles over the past years and a nine-track mixtape titled “The OutCome” which was produced by King Parm and Tha Real Beats.


Minister Jae resides in Chitungwiza where he stays with his parents and siblings. He enjoys studying business and spending time with friends. He is also inspired by love, faith in God, and life experiences. He seeks to inspire, encourage, and motivate in all his works. This 2020, Minister Jae has established a fast-growing motivational blog with the title “Life & Entrepreneurial Success with Jae” where he shares motivational articles, life-changing quotes and his greatest desire is that lives are transformed through his writings as well as his music.

 Speaking on his latest book, Minister Jae had this to say, “I faced some challenges emotionally growing up and was a bit disturbed but the best thing I discovered was anybody can change anything in their life. So in this book, I share success tips that I’ve learned from other successful people and also from my own life experiences. My intention is to help someone who is also in the same situation that I was, to realize that they can change any situation”

Minister Jae says that he was inspired by the discovery that anything is possible and that has become a force pushing him every day to continue writing and motivating others that they can become whatever they want to become in life. That discovery has become a message that he is living to spread. Putting up and writing a book is not always easy for most people and is generally met with some if not a lot of challenges but for Minister Jae, this seemed not to have been the case.


Minister Jae had this to add, “I can’t say that I faced many challenges writing the book and I think it is because I knew the things that I wanted to write about. It’s like I couldn’t wait to wake up to start writing and I can say I felt like I was pregnant with a message that I wanted to share with the world. The other thing is I’ve set my goals so high that I don’t see challenges as challenges but as a stepping stone to the next level lol. So yeah if they were challenges I fell in love with them and used them to my advantage.”

If someone only had two minutes to read his newly published book and would like to pick up the best part of the book Jae greatly recommended that you waste no time flipping through but just go straight to the first part of the book which is  titled, ‘Words of encouragement.’ “In that section, I talked about turning in life. For many people, the hardest thing to do is making a decision on what kind of work there will be doing for the rest of their lives and this is because it’s our nature as humans to love the security and always be in our comfort zones.”, said Jae.  Minister Jae has lived his word and pushed himself out of the comfort zone by making the firm decision this year (2020) he will be living on his writing gift and through that decision, only results are manifesting as also evidenced by his latest offering and Facebook blog.

Just like everyone we have had bad past experiences, we have been hurt and betrayed before and sometimes we just look at our past and we can not even forgive our past and let go but here we have a champion who has risen against all odds and decided to turn his lemons into lemonade. Growing up Jae says that he was a person of low self-esteem, not so confident, ‘fat’, and you can imagine the body-shaming and name-calling and all and loved to be in his comfort zone. This all resulted in poor performance in school and a lack of support from those who were close to him and loved ones.

His life took a different positive turn as he said, “I can say my greatest testimony started when I started listening to Pastor Chris’s teachings, discovering my inheritance in the kingdom of God. It’s funny that everything about the business that I know now I learned by myself, reading books and also doing researches on the best companies around the world. My transformation from dumb to excellent is the number one reason that I spread the message of believing in yourself. I discovered nothing is impossible with God and your life can be a testimony too”

As any motivational speaker, Minister Jae is a source of encouragement and inspiration and he has the same message he believes will encourage someone out there who might be having a bad time or looking for some inspiration. He postulates, “One thing that I always talk about when I’m with anybody or when I write, is to stop living the past. Yes, what happened, happened by you shouldn’t let that define who you are. God has a beautiful future for each one of us, and above all, it’s His greatest desire that we prosper in all we do. I would encourage someone with childhood challenges to using whatever challenge they would have faced as inspiration to achieve more. If I look back I can now say I’m grateful for the challenges I faced because they’ve made me who I am today. I now look at my past as a learning period and by doing so I’ve learned the skill of making good decisions.”

The book can be accessed on “Syrup” a new Zimbabwean website that sells books and will soon be on Amazon. Or you can get in touch with the author for a copy on +263-785-203-768


“I started doing poultry 5 years ago after I had been retrenched from work”–Vimbai



By: Vimbai Tanyanyiwa

Most times people make so many mistakes along the way which are always overlooked as non-existent just because people end up seeing the finished product never the journey. I started doing poultry 5 years ago after I had been retrenched from work and I had to push myself to find an alternative source of income that was going to keep me alive. Most people look at poultry rearing as something just so easy yet not considering a lot of factors that need to be adhered to for you to produce the best quality of chickens when the time is due.


It’s so easy for people to just say in 6 weeks (dzinenge dzaita) they will be up for harvest – but what of the mistakes and endurance that you make as you start; the casualties you endure the first awful winters before you know how to withstand the cold so as not to have a lot of the chickens dying? Chickens just like anything dear; require a lot of care and attention as they grow. But one of my first mistakes, when I started, was never accepted that as much as it is about money- passion has to drive you so you create the determination to succeed in the intended project.

I lost a lot of chickens within batches due to negligence & mismanagement & overzealous behaviour of putting my trust in employees & not being hands-on committed to the project, which I feel is not my mistake alone. Every project requires a person who monitors whoever employed so you don’t suffer losses. In looking for workers do most ever consider if the one being employed has the necessary skill or knowledge pertaining to that project or we just employ? Well, my mistake was just employing & sadly daily I would be told one or two have died, coming from a person with no remorse who felt it was ok for chickens to just die yet you trying to generate income from that & a livelihood.

Until I had to self introspect and understand that no person will put in as much concern and care into the project except you the owner who is pumping money into it so it survives. I then pushed myself to be hands-on until I noticed that it was very possible to have over 90% survival rate, not the bigger losses I was suffering before. During terrible winters it proved that the lamps were not adequate on their own but I had to come up with another technique to warm up the chickens since most were dying from the cold. That’s when I learnt from a Good Samaritan about the use of charcoal & mbaura in foul runs to help ease the crisis. But it had to be strategic since too much heat too would then kill them as well so it had to be proportional.


I had gotten to a point where I feared buying any batches in Winter for most wouldn’t survive but after that, I wasn’t scared to endure the winters as I had now learned how to fight the winter mania.
Not buying any batches in Winter meant no income & no income meant problems & stresses of accumulating bills which would, in turn, get to be difficult to settle. Another one of the many mistakes I had to make along the journey was accumulating debts & failing to pay them having to then ruin relationships I had with friends & family when I failed to honour up. Debts in any way always come up when we are in tight situations & we wish to solve them urgently but always end up creating more problems when we fail to pay them.

So I have learnt along the way to at least be content with what is there & work with what’s available.
Or forever be one to never really see the profits as every little money you get ends up being channeled to clear the debts. I am not really well organized in this area yet but I am striving to. Pressure from societal expectations and always wanting to live in the fast lane is never good for business. At times you need to make peace with the fact that; we were all given different lives & opportunities & we run different races. It’s not your duty to then try to always be in competition with friends & colleagues & family even when your budget doesn’t warrant you to.

Running a business demands discipline & control that puts you on the right path otherwise you run the risk of tarnishing your brand if one day you wake up being named & shamed for providing poor service to your clients

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Dr. Vere’s Coat of Many Colours



By Gilbert Sikanyika

Doctor Kudzanai Vere belongs to the group of African young Turks determined to conquer the world and leave permanent foot-steps on the sands of life.


I have known Dr. Vere through social interactions over the years and I have come to know him as a pragmatic, hard-working, and purpose-driven person. He sets high goals and when he attains those goals, he sets even higher goals. He places a high premium on his aspirations. He challenges himself to challenge challenges in his life. He does not take “no” for an answer…He knocks, knocks, and keeps knocking until doors of opportunities fling open before him. He is tenacious and aggressive in his daily operations. He does not wait for opportunities; instead, he creates opportunities for himself. He is a workaholic if ever there was one.

He was compelled to stop school in form 4 due to family financial constraints but that could not deter him from pursuing his dreams. He started working as a Receiving and Costing Clerk at Redstar in Nyanga in Zimbabwe and he rose through the ranks to become Branch Manager within a spell of three years. He was arguably the youngest Branch Manager heading a Blue Chips Company when he was only 22 years old.

Doctor Vere has “A coat of many colours.” He is an entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker of international repute. He enjoys developing people in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Practical Business Management, Organizational Development, Financial Literacy, and Leadership Development.


Just what makes him tick

He gets inspiration from motivating himself and others. His life gets better when he impacts lives in Business related issues. He was born in a family of 10 in a remote area of Zimbabwe in Nyanga. He went to Maereka primary school, Nyatate school, and Mapako High School. He has also attended: Zimbabwe Open University, British College Of Professional Management, Coppetstone University among others. He has:

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma In Accounting In Business Management
  • Bcom Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountancy
    -Master of Arts in Leadeship and Management
    -Registered Public Accounting
    -Certified Forensic
    -Doctorate in Phylosophy in Entrepreneurship among others.

Dr. Vere is also a notable and versatile writer whose books such as Becoming A Person Of Impact and Exceed Beyond The Ordinary have blessed multitudes of people. It seems he is a “Jack of all trades and master of everything.”

His books have impacted the hordes of people from all walks of life because of the nuggets of life they carry. His presence is being felt almost everywhere and so far so good. Although he never completed formal education, he is a self-made man who has managed to school himself and has acquired a string of diplomas and degrees and was recently conferred with a Doctorial degree in recognition of his teachings and passion for entrepreneurship.

“The whole of my adult life I have been learning business at times passively and at other times actively. I have vast years of business management, ” he said. His ultimate goal in life is to become an oasis of inspiration in Business circles. He is married to a lovely lady Fortune who is the Managing Director of the family business empire. Doctor Vere is also blessed with a wife and five children.

Gilbert Sikanyika is a Writing Prophet based in Zambia

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Zimbabwean Born Harvard Graduate Launches Hitch-Hiking App



tuverl app

Hope was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and he did his A level at Mpopoma High School and O level at Ihlathi High School. Apart from his academic successes, he was also a multi National Chess Scholars Champion winner. Hope later on received a scholarship to go and study at the Harvard
University and just after college he went on to found Tuverl which has to date received several awards and recognition. They recently came out first at the Georgetown Africa Business Conference Pitch Competition which was
held in early February 2020 at Georgetown University in Washington DC. Tuverl also won the World Bank Youth Summit Pitch Competition in early December 2019 held at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC.

In mid-December 2019 Tuverl also won the YouthConnekt Sustainable Development Goals Video Competition. They have also participated in several pitch competitions, winning the Fan Favourite prize at the RevRoad Pitch Competition in Provo, Utah, and finishing 3rd place at the Harvard China Forum Pitch Competition in Cambridge, Massachusetts in early April 2019. Tuverl participated in the Mass Challenge Accelerator Boston Cohort in 2018 and were part 10th cohort of Halcyon Incubator Program from January – June 2019. Tuverl is also a recent Startup Battlefield 2020 finalist, the pitch competition was held virtually in September 2020.


Problem Statement

It can’t be innovation without problem-solving and Turvel application is there to solve or address a wide range of problems. In most African countries, Public Transport is an industry that is run by private companies; millions of small to medium enterprises and individuals, whose buses, minibusses, and individual cars operate without any schedules or timetables. This makes Public Transport very unreliable to commuters, who lose valuable productive time while waiting for transportation or in transit, as a result. Drivers also waste time, fuel, and man-hours trying to locate
commuters along their designated routes or park in one place waiting for commuters to find them.

This is highly inefficient. The Covid-19 era came with new and many
challenges for commuters as Public Transportation was grounded by the government to minimize non-essential movement and reduce the risk of exposing the public to the Coronavirus. This left people who do not own their own personal vehicles with few to no options for safe essential travel.

While some have welcomed the reintroduction of ZUPCO as the sole provider of Public Transport, there have numerous complaints about long lines at bus stops, too few buses in circulation, and the general lack of social distancing while in transit.



After assessing these challenges in the 1st few months of the covid19 pandemic, Tuverl went on to develop its intercity carpooling service that is meant to make travelling safer, easier and cheaper during the Covid19 pandemic. After downloading and signing up on the Tuverl App, commuters can search for peer-to-peer trips that originate from a city or town of their choosing to another city or town in Zimbabwe. They can pay for these trips using mobile money payments, such as Ecocash, OneMoney and Telecash.

We plan to support more payment methods in due course. On the Tuverl App, users who have their own personal vehicles can register to be drivers.
Once registration is complete and their profiles have been verified, drivers can create trips from one city or town to another. Drivers have control over the pricing of the available seats in their vehicles. As such drivers can make
extra money during a trip they were already planning to make. Picking up passengers along the road, when drivers travel on pre-planned trips between cities and towns is an old practice. Most Zimbabwean commuters know this as hitchhiking or simply hiking.

Tuverl has found a way to make it a lot easier for drivers to find commuters or passengers, by adding a technology layer that makes it faster for drivers to connect with commuters. As the economy opens up, Lockdown regulations are relaxed, and travel restrictions are removed, it is important to give commuters more options for travelling safely. Commuters and drivers can download the Tuverl App on the following links. .

People who are interested in our work can follow
us on the following links.
Google Play Store:

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